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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Palace of the Soviets - Plexus Tests

After exploring different ways to animate my camera in Maya I started to think about how the rest of my app animation will be effected. One of the biggest things to be effected is the scene where the Palace comes into shot, due to the new way the camera moves. Because of this I thought that the Plexus Effect could be a professional looking way to introduce the building into the scene, below are my first 3 attempts at this.

Due to the amount of vertices in my model, the Plexus Effect is very confusing and busy - something that I have been trying to avoid within my animation - This needs to be worked on - a lot - if it going to be a part of my animation. My current idea is to lower the vertices count on my model whilst trying to maintain its detail, failing that I intend to explore the limits of the Plexus Effect more.    

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