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Friday, 15 April 2016

Animated Pool Reveal Scene

After a conversation and some help from Alan, I have been able to start animating the scene were by the Palace of the Soviets cuts off screen - like a cross section. Below are the stages and fist images of this process. 

Two Sided Shader
By creating a two sided shader it allowed me to create a 3D mask that travels with a transparency projection across my model.

Cut Out Hole
By rendering a cube moving at the same speed as the transparency projections it gave me the texture of my building so that I could apply the two sided shader mask to it. 

Transparency Projection Pass
Above is the transparency pass that creates the cross section effect.

After compositing the 4 layers together I got the above image. That when put in a sequence, creates the below animated Gif.


  1. Hi Scott. Sorry I didn't get to catch up with you yesterday, was it regardiing the missing pool? Good start anyway...Nice!

    1. Thats fine I know you had a class :) Ive got plenty to be getting on with anyway! It was with regards as to how I set it up in After Effects rather that Photoshop.

  2. Or how to comp this in After Effects?

  3. ok, email me a set of renders and i'll test them / send you a snapshot of the after effects setup.