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Monday, 11 April 2016

Lenin Information Screen - Render One

I am currently in conversation with a voice-over artist about voicing this section of my animation - the text here isn't my script, it is still a place holder. I have however rendered out this section - the button clicks and circle animation. 

I feel that this scene works well - In the final version (with voice over) the text will be scrolling whilst being spoken, it will stop as the voice is muted - this represent the user of the app deciding to move passed this part of the interface. Following this the user will pause the whole animation and return to the home screen - showing how the app can be used to suit each individual. It is this scene that I am currently working on.

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  1. If your animating in After Effect don't forget to turn on motion blur. Otherwise your animated objects will 'stutter' as the move. Motion blur smooths them out.