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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Interface Idea - Version 1

One of the issues I had myself with Orb was the user interface; this coupled with my feedback has given me new ideas on how Orb should be used. Below if the first rough - Previs -  interface design, the green circle represents a finger touching the iPad screen - this needs to be redesigned and edited. At the moment this is just for proof of concept, to see if it could work for the rest of Orb. 


  1. okay - a suggestion - can you animate it so the orbs-at-rest are rotating very gently, but when the finger gets nearer to it, the orb slows it's rotations and when the finger is on it the orb is stopped, and then reverse this relationship as the finger moves away etc.? The other thing we talked about too is having the text angled perspectively slightly to suggest it is a) in a spatial world and b) connected to the orbits of their respective spheres? (I know you can't show this exactly in this pre-vis).