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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

@Phil - @Alan - New HUD Idea

I've spent today updating the look of my App and the interface used to control it. Below is a example of this for the traveling too and inside of the Ford GT-90 Orb section of the animation. What do you think? 

At the moment the graphics that circle the Orb need to be updated due to resolution as well as the movement of the fingerprint to make it look more natural and less robotic. I am also aware that I need to add the fingerprint to the start of the animation onto of the iPad screen. I don't want to do to much for you to think that it is unnecessary. Thanks. 


  1. Hey Scott - I like the linkage between the thumbprint and the camera movement etc - much more obviously about someone looking and choosing. I find it slightly odd that the thumbprint images appears 'behind' the orb graphic - it's counter-intuitive because the thumbprint would be 'on top' of the icon as it is on top of the screen you're touching. Can you organise it visually so the thumbprint begins as appearing on top of the icon, but then quickly flips/fades behind it - or simply commit to the thumbprint being on top?

    Also - I keep meaning to say this, but it seems a bit odd that we see a collection of apps under the title 'Useless' - it comes off as a bit dismissive, and then we see the Orb app under 'Photography', which Orb isn't about?

  2. Scott - Please see Phil's post: